Aid For Children
One of the main aims of Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation is to provide the poor children with food, education and a better life.
Old Age Home
Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation devotedly making efforts to provide shelter and food to those senior citizens of our society whose children and relatives do not give them care and family environment they deserve.
Aid for Flood Victims
Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation has given aid to the flood victims of Balochistan province and other parts of the country by providing them with food, blankets and other basic necessities of daily life.
Helping the Women
Noreen Tahir (Noorani Baji), founder and chairperson of Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation, is giving mental counseling to the suffering and needy women.
Giving Happiness
Noreen Tahir (Noorani Baji), founder and chairperson of Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation, is building an effective help system that gives the sufferings somethings to smile about.
Free Education to Girls
Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation is keen to give free education to the poor girls to make them a respectable and productive citizen of the society.
Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation is working for the betterment of the society irrespective of caste, creed, colour, sect, religion and race.
Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation founded on August 21, 1986 is a registered (Reg. No. DOSWWD & BM/RWP/08-0105) non-profit, non-political and social development organization. For the last more than 26 years, it has done a numerous tasks such as fighting against poverty in the society, giving financial and moral support for women rights, helping the needy people in natural disasters, orphans development, arrangement of marriages for poor women, financial assistance for poor students, financial assistance for rural society, construction of houses in rural areas, giving vocational training and holding seminars. Its main focus is on community development and welfare programs. Originally deprived, disadvantaged and under-developed people are the main beneficiaries of Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation's programs and activities irrespective of caste, creed, colour, sect, religion and race. The organization has organized the following activities:
Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation helped the poor community by the arrangement of suitable jobs in different areas. ANF also arranged the vocational training centers in a small scales for the employment and training of women. Read More
  • Aagosh-e-Noorani foundation has started the food distribution program for widows and poor peoples.

  • On 13-3-2011 foundation distributed the sewing machines to deserved widows for generation of income for their daily life.

  • Aagosh-e-Noorani foundation is pleased to announce the launching of 25th vocational center.

  • Foundation has successfully established libraries for peoples in every vocational center.

  • Foundation has distributed food and hygiene kits among more than 5000 families in flood relief program of 2010.

  • Foundation has successfully conducted the seminar on kidney disease at foundationís head office.

  • Foundation has conducted a awareness walk against cigarette smoking in collaboration with Panah.

  • Foundation has started the education program for trash picker children.

  • Foundation has started a new program of psychological counseling for socially deprived persons.
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