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We should consider ourselves very lucky that we are not among those who have no home, enough food and resources to even send our beloved children to school. Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® under the dedicated leadership of Noreen Tahir is working for the betterment of suffering people very energitically and passionately irrespective of religion, creed and cast for the last 31 years.

CEO, Noreen Norani

It is all about Noreen (Noorani Baji), founder and chairperson of Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation®, who is also a well known writer. Her thirty books have been published in Pakistan so far most of which are intended to better the attitude and lifestyle of the people of society. As an active social worker, she established the organization in 1986. Working for the suffering people in Pakistan and giving financial support to the poor and needy people have always been her passion and ambition in life. She has been doing this job very energetically and selflessly for the last more than 31 years but never intended to seek publicity of it before, although she kept managing the record of almost all of her social work. Only now after repeated suggestions from all sides, she has decided to expose her work to accomplish some new bigger projects of helping and changing the lives of needy people in Pakistan. Being an author of thirty books on the social and family crises, she is vigorously committed to serve the impoverished and deprived people.

Her all energies and sources are devoted to help the orphans, widows, poor children, women rights and poor neglected senior citizens. She is an active social worker for the last 31 years and got the name of “Noorani Baji” which is the replica of her work. She founded Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® to amplify her mission. She is struck to provide better food, dress and shelter to the destitute children who have been deprived of family or have been abandoned by their parents. She has devoted 43 Kanal land at Chichian, main GT Road, Attock for this mission. The complex will contain all basic facilities for the impoverished children and senior citizens of our society.

Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® is a non-governmental organization actively involved in social charitable work for the uplift of society by providing free education, food for the poor and orphans, and the development of shelter homes for the needy and aged people. We try to make a difference for some of these lives by giving them shelter at our Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® complex. We give them the warmth, love and protection they have never known before.

Some Important Feature

  • Constructing a state of art complex containing hospital, old age home, auditorium, school and colloge.
  • Proctecting the social rights of needy people specially women.
  • Uplift the community by improving their socio-economic condition leading to poverty alleviation.
  • Build male and female village based organizations at the grassroots level.
  • Provide different vocational trainings to women and girls.
  • Improve the general health conditions of rural community with especial focus on women.
  • Campaign on health & hygiene and safety for trash pickers.
  • Community infrastructure development.
  • Spreading awareness among people on importance of plantation.

Our Team

Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation®

Noreen Tahir

Founder & CEO

Hussnain Sheikh

Voice Chairman


General Secretary

Dr. Javed Sheikh

Finance Secretary