The latest development is that Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® has received 43 Kanal piece of land at Chichian, main GT Road, district Attock, courteously donated by Noori Baji, the founder and chairperson of the foundation. We have planned to build a state of art complex containing:

Old Age Homes(For Sweet Gold People)

Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® devotedly making efforts to provide shelter and food to those senior citizens of our society whose children and relatives do not give them care and family environment they deserve. By having such a facility they may spend the remaining days of their lives peacefully and happily. Our plan is to build the Old Age Home and home for orphan children side by side so that the senior citizen and children can live together like a family and support each other physically and emotionally. In this way they can fill the vacuum destiny has brought in their lives. All the facilities such as clean water, and entertainment etc. are provided to them. The chairperson bought that land from herself. we need to add more facilities, for this purpose further constructions are needed in the complex. We need 3 to 4 crore rupees more for construction and renovation of the building. We also need ambulance to take the patients to the hospital in emergency.

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These senior citizens of our society deserve a better life

Hospital for Special People

On October 8, 2005 northern part of Pakistan was hit by massive earthquake that disabled large number of people. Terrorism in parts of Pakistan has also took part in disabling many. To address those handicapped people Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® has decided to establish a hospital equipped with all modern facilities where all victims either of disaster or tortured especially women suffered due to family conflicts would be treated. We have successfully completed this project.

School for Orphans

Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® has established two branches of school(Rawalpindi chakri, Attock Hameed village) for orphans and poor children including both girls and boys so that they get free education and become useful citizens of the society. Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® is planing to upgrade schools to college and the construction of a hostel inside the premises, is also in the program where orphans can live during their education period.

Save the Mind Program

"Save the Mind" program is being organized by Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation®, chairperson, councils women daily from 9 am to 2pm . She teaches women what is the best way to utilize 24 hours of their daily life. She also delivers the lecture to women, how to search the hidden skills inside them and utilize them in the most effective way to make their lives better. She councils, conduct seminars and also mentions these points in her books. She also emphasizes the women if they want a fresh, healthy, smooth and rejuvenated face, they also need to have healthy and positive thinkings in their mind. In other words if they want to save their face, they have to save their mind first.

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Job Training and Opportunities for Youth

A chain of workshop is arranged for training of youth in Fisheries, Poultry, Vegetation and character building to enable them to pass on their lives with dignity, honesty and loyalty, love truthfulness to avoid lie, bribe and hate. After completing job training candidates are able to earn handsome income for themselves. Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation ® support them to start their own business(i.e Beauty saloons, sewing center, coaching acadamies etc.) by means of resources and cash.

Orphan care and women crisis centre

There are thousands of orphans roaming the streets. They search the trash heaps of the cities to fill their stomach. Hunger and thirst are their friends. They have never experienced the love of caring parents. As a Foundation our goal is to provide shelter, education, healthcare and other needs as necessary for deprived children separately for both the genders. We are providing these children shelter, food, cloths, education, madication and other facilities of life.
There are alot of women also in socity who are not treated well by there family and neighboring. If young girls are forced to early merragies, widows are not accomodated by their family or facing problems from their relatives then Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® is a bright hope for these women who are surrounded by problems, We give them shelter food cloths medication and top of all help them to resolve misunderstanding with their family


Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® knows the importance of plants to keep our environment clean, this is why Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® is holding plantation activies twice per annum from past several years and making its effort to keep climate in balance position. Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® has planted more than 15000 plants in pothar region in last Few years.

Zakat Program

Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® has been distributing Zakat among deserving muslims since 30 years Zakat distribution program of Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® is different from all other charitable organizations. We not only give them food packages but also participate in the Happiness of their Eid Festival by giving them cash amount, brand new cloths and pair of shoes. Beneficiaries of this program are increasing per year. During 2017 zakat program Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® has served more than 800 muslim felows.

Audotorium Hall

Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® is also planning to construct a auditorium hall where all people irrespective of case, creed and religion can voice their opinion and discuss the issues with others. Stakeholders can conduct seminars, lectures, conferences etc free of cost is this auditorium hall.

Forum Hall and Library

Reading and discussions improve the vision. To make our children a useful citizen of Pakistan, Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® considers indispensable to establish a very well equipped library and a Forum Hall for the social activities of the society. This hall will provide an opportunity of extra curricular activities, to the students.

Ambulance /Transport services

Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® is a non-profit organization, and realizes that an ambulance service is essential in Socity so that the needy and poor people may reach hospital in any emergency. Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® feels that providing social services / emergency services to the destitute and deprived people is the responsibility of every countryman, Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® remains always committed for the mission, and will start Ambulance service in near future.

Vocational Education

Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® believes that Education is beyond the access of many impoverished children. A nation can not ignore these deprived children. Foundation has planned to establish a school and college for these destitute children who have been deprived of education to make them useful citizen. Vocational Institutes. There are many helpless young girls who are hopeless and are ready to pass on in to eternity without any preparation. It is the duty of society to enable them to earn their livelihood respectfully. To achieve this challenging task the chairperson of Aagosh-e-Noorani Foundation® has planned to establish a well equipped vocational institute for girls.